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Andrew Joseph

With experience in journalism and public relations, Andrew Joseph is a fresh, unique solution for creative professionals. A design enthusiast at heart, after two years at Conde Nast and several other years in boutique agencies, pursuing fashion and beauty and then architecture PR he decided to launch his boutique firm in 2012. Andrew Joseph is a southern boy with all the sensibilities and charms, along with a Northern California spirit and East Coast intellect, and can-do attitude. He enjoys spending company with his four rescue sight hounds and life partner, Paul. In a post-pandemic world, he splits his time between the Hudson Valley and New York City - a country squire and city sophisticate - the best of both worlds.

Matthew Bobbins
Managing Director

A New Jersey native who has fond memories as a child of visiting his highly seasoned Public Relations EVP father at work, Matthew joins Andrew Joseph PR with the excitement that, somehow, things have come full circle. He holds a BFA in Textile Design from SCAD in Savannah, GA, has worked internationally in India, and has his most recent industry experience from his design position at West Elm. With his passion for everything home and textiles, and the “hereditary PR gene”, Matthew has found a home in the PR world of interior design, all while giving a fresh design-based perspective. He enjoys painting, drawing, and weaving in his free time as well as researching about sustainability and how things are made. 

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Alex Burg
Social Media Director + Account Executive

Born in Kazakhstan and brought to New York at 19 months, Alex Burg understood from an early age that life often takes unexpected turns. His interest in the NBA led him to believe that he should pursue a career in Sports Management but he soon discovered that internships in the sports field did not inspire him. Alex is a creative out-of-the-box thinker with an offbeat sense of humor and a positive approach to life. A visit to Scotland gave him the travel bug and a 10,000 foot skydive at Long Beach Island renewed his commitment to experience life in its fullness. Working at Andrew Joseph PR gives Alex the opportunity to meet new people and to discover and share his next adventure.

Isabella Chungata
Assistant Social Media + Account Executive

As a member of Gen Z, Isabella Chungata is a digital native who effortlessly stays hip and on top of the latest trends. Hailing from New York with Dominican Republic and Ecuadorian roots, Isabella joins Andrew Joseph PR as a soon-to-be graduate in Social Media Strategies from the University of Scranton. With a passion ignited in her early teens through content creation on YouTube, Isabella has developed a keen eye for storytelling and audience engagement. Her experiences, from inside and outside the classroom, showcase her flair for creative strategies in social media and public relations. Raised in a military family and as the eldest of four siblings, she embodies resilience and responsibility. Beyond her professional life, Isabella cherishes family values, has a love for sustainable fashion, and cooking. At Andrew Joseph PR, she is eager to contribute her unique blend of cultural heritage and innovative thinking to the world of PR in interior design.

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