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With over five years as one of the premier design and architecture publicity firms, Andrew Joseph PR is excited to announce the launch of their social media division, AJPR REACH.


Social media is today’s “word of mouth.” In the current design landscape, social media has become an increasingly important tool in advertising, client outreach, portfolio sharing, and dialogue between designers. A successful and engaging Instagram profile can lead to brand ambassadorships, a wider brand awareness, and an exponentially wider client net. Success in a social media-driven economy means that designers must market themselves just as exceptionally as they design.


For designers and design brands, Instagram can become your most profitable business partner. Investing in a results-focused agency team is a surefire method for growth, increased audience engagement, and focused attention. Both established and up-and-coming designers can benefit from REACH’s capabilities.


Our recently expanded REACH team includes top-notch social media professionals who understand design just as much as they understand driving traffic. While running your own accounts can become tedious and unfruitful, AJPR REACH allows you to do what you do best: design, and leave us to take care of the rest. An engaged following does not just mean more likes on your posts; it means greater brand awareness in a competitive design landscape.


Together with Andrew’s twenty years of traditional PR experience, AJPR REACH combines traditional media channels with a striking Instagram presence. AJPR REACH ensures that your brand’s name and story stand out among the rest.

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