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The Sustainable Furnishings Council is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers dedicated to raising awareness and expanding the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices across the home furnishings industry.
Their mission is to help companies reduce their environmental footprints as they grow, and to help consumers find healthy furnishings.  To accomplish these lofty goals, we provide the best education, promotion, and networking opportunities available.  We raise consumer interest in environmentally safe furnishings and promote the development of many more sustainable options.

SFC urges the use of Life Cycle Assessment as the best method for analyzing the environmental and health impact of products and a verifiable chain of custody as the only acceptable method for tracking wood flow. SFC members support the triple bottom line of PEOPLE - PLANET - PROFITS and lead the industry in best practices throughout their supply chains. Members are committed to continuous work toward a healthy future, inside and out.


The Oasis Alliance (OA) is dedicated to brightening the lives of trauma survivors by co-designing personalized spaces that encourage and support recovery, growth, and mental well-being. Most people believe that interior design is a luxury. We believe that interior design is an underutilized tool to empower, encourage and resurrect people at their lowest point. When we live in personalized spaces that affirm our humanity, we feel important—a major first step in moving past trauma and loss.


Creator of the original decorative hide rug, Kyle Bunting has redefined how hide is used in interior applications. Hide is a material of incredible depth and dimension that brings unlimited design potential to rugs, walls, pillows, and upholstery. Kyle Bunting continues to be true to this one material, constantly creating new designs in hide. With his team of contributing designers, Kyle Bunting innovates and expands the possibilities from his studio in Austin, Texas. From elegantly understated to magnificently bold, he handcrafts the finest Italian hides into intricately designed works of decorative art. Their specification mantra, “any size, any shape, any color,” provides unlimited design potential to create the extraordinary in hide. 


Western Sensibility is a digital textile printing studio specializing in sustainable and life-friendly performance textiles. Founded by a third-generation textile printer to operate at the cross-section of art and science, Western Sensibility honors art and process equally. The studio is rooted in the belief that digital textile printing technology fosters ambitious design and it’s 

their mission to champion the vision of the artist and usher that perspective into your home - without compromise. 


With a focus on sustainability, Western Sensibility works with contemporary artists, interior designers, architectural firms, and brands on residential, commercial and hospitality projects - both collaborative and private label.


Based in Missoula, Montana, Western Sensibility is the print studio the textile and design industries were missing.


Orlando Diaz-Azcuy has been a designer for 50 years. The hallmarks of his work — intelligent pragmatism, quiet elegance — have remained consistent over his long career. He worked alongside design luminaries like Lawrence Halprin and Arthur Gensler before opening Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Design Associates in 1987; he has designed furniture collections for Steelcase, McGuire, HBF, Boyd Lighting and Matsuoka.

Diaz-Azcuy holds a degree in Architecture from Catholic University of America, and in Landscape Architecture and City & Regional Planning, both from the University of California at Berkeley; he has also received two honorary doctorates. He is a member of Interior Design's Hall of Fame, and has been named as Interiors magazine's Designer of the Year and a California Icon of Design.


212box thinks outside theirs. The multidisciplinary design firm approaches their work with a singular mix of detail-oriented commitment and a rigorously developed sense of play. From large-scale schematic plans to small-scale conceptual design, 212box applies the same attention and no-holds-barred ambition to projects of every scale. Lead design partners Eric Clough and Eun Sun Chun are materialists - not materialistic. Exercising a tireless exploration into the material nature of things, they consider the connection between the value of the material to the value of the experience in all their design work. Collaborating with artists and artisans to create bespoke, one-of-a-kind and truly thoughtful pieces, 212box has situated themselves at the center of a global network of craftspeople, thinkers, and resources. 212box has a showcase office in New York City and works on projects throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


Sarah Von Dreele has been the creative director of Onethread Design, Inc., a New York-based design consultancy, which she founded in 2003. She has spent the last 20 years of her career developing brands and communication systems for business to business and consumer facing clients. Hailing from the rust belt of Pittsburgh, Sarah has applied her tireless work ethic to a comprehensive, visual exploratory process, informed by client goals and business strategy.
After a career of marketing strategies, photoshoots, and all things rag right, Sarah has returned to her desire of the process of making by hand. What began as a simple creative exercise at the end of the day quickly evolved into a collection of surface designs, painted exclusively in gouache. Sarah has always been influenced throughout her career by pattern as a visual and organizational tool. Her latest works explore the integration of imperfection and repetition to create rich patterns. The abstracted floral and geometric forms are ethereal and calm, lending themselves to a variety of applications for the curated home.
In addition to her collaborations with interior designers and an upcoming line of products with a home decor brand, Sarah’s work is currently being distributed as wall decor to the trade by the London-based fine art publisher Rosenstiel. In May of 2019, Sarah launched her debut collection of wallpaper at ICFF 2019 in New York.

Sarah welcomes commissions, partnerships, and collaborations which extend the hand-painted designs to bespoke interiors and consumer products. 

Sx49CiNw (1).jpg

Andrea Hysmith; Founder of ASH Interiors and Design is a Licensed Designer, Manufacturer Representative, Speaker and Presenter that has been sharing her knowledge of luxury design and products in the design industry for over twenty years. Her industry experience includes kitchen, bath, and interior design…focusing on residential and light commercial spaces. Her background as a manufacturer’s representative of luxury kitchen and bath products has increased her knowledge of products, skills in training and business development.  Her relationships with the A&D Community have made her a well-recognized resource in the Washington Metro Market. Andrea recently opened her design studio and office space in Historic Ellicott City becoming the first woman of color to open a brick and mortar design space in this area. In this studio space she works with design clients as well as B2B partners educating them on the luxury products the firm represents. Andrea is a member of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), The Hospitality Industry Network (NEWH) & Black Interior Design Network (BID).  As well as an advisory board member of the Historic Ellicott City Board. Andrea loves connecting to her clients and peers…she is said to be relatable, knowledgeable, informative, and always fun. She believes that design is truly a lifestyle!


Launched 2020, KD Reid Interiors has approached interior design with a completely client-focused approach. This, along with their unique, personal designs, are just some of the many reasons why they are a truly visual storytellers of their craft. Combining their passion for great design, art and architecture, they have developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces.

KD Reid Interiors.jpg


Cortina Leathers started out as a small handcrafted producer of upholstery leather for the office furniture market in 1903. While we still manufacture leather at our original factory location in Ohio, we now also work with a network of artisanal tanneries around the globe to deliver a unique collection of the finest leathers. We believe in the enduring quality and timeless beauty of real leather - and this core belief informs everything we do.

Focus Lighting Logo_edited.jpg

Focus Lighting is an award-winning professional architectural lighting design firm located in New York City. Since 1987, we have continually created unique and successful lighting design solutions for projects of all sizes including hotels, resorts, retail, restaurants, museums, nightclubs, offices, and private residences around the world.

The Focus Lighting team’s creative process is informed by a combined experience in theater, architecture, and design. Together the team generates projects that create an emotion with light and engages its audience. We believe that light and its perception within an environment are essential to the human experience. Light brings a sense of drama, composition, balance, and excitement to each of our projects.

Long Island-based Ian Love fashions sculptural furniture that utilizes every part of a toppled tree. The self-taught maker follows his own rules and has developed bespoke cutting, assembly, and finishing techniques that go beyond standard design industry procedures. Love creates custom wares from fragments of wood that others might discard. This resourceful approach forces him to think creatively and strategically when crafting sculptures, objects and other experimental works.


KGBL is the product of a vision it's three founding members had back in 2009 to design and produce a line of uncompromising, unapologetically modern furniture: A line of furniture dedicated to the design professional, furniture aficionado and anyone else who simply searches for what is best. They would only produce pieces that incorporated unique materials and gave voice to ideas they did not see in other furniture. The credo was and remains: unless it brings something new to the bigger design conversation, it is not worthy of the collection. 

HW Studio Logo.png

The creative outlet of Heath Wagoner, HW. Studio is a mixture of functional objects and art pieces for the table. Heath is a trained goldsmith and industrial designer. He uses traditional metalsmithing techniques paired with industrial design ergonomics. Each piece is made by hand in his Brooklyn, NY studio or cast in Rhode Island.

Inspired by the way Heath likes to host and eat, each piece is a functional yet elegant object that can easily adorn the table of a dinner party or be used for dressing up the middle of the week takeout.

Heath is a jewelry and accessories designer based in NY. Originally from the Outer Banks of NC, he has lived in NY for the past ten years designing for brands such as Pamela Love, Marchon, and Tiffany & Co. Heath has also designed restaurants and events. This combination of multi-hyphenate experiences helps him create flatware that is functional while looking like jewelry. HW. Studio is jewelry, for the table.

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Sten Studio is a design enterprise located in Mexico City, whose motive is to create objects and furniture that turn the use of minerals as materials into their essence. Thanks to it, all pieces are unique, given the characteristics proper to each of the stones. The studio is born from the passion for geology and industrial design, which has resulted in the experimentation with rock crystals that are yet to be explored in the world of decoration.

Our pieces pretend to provoke desires and emotions through the selection of materials and manufacturing techniques. Each project comes from a detailed research and experimentation process that in its development brings together the artisanal and the industrial in order to ensure quality and functionality for every piece. For us to bring about this vision, one of the key values for the studio is teamwork, which has brought about various collaborations with other design studios in Mexico City.

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Alder & Tweed is a luxe, yet approachable, design firm specializing in premier luxury residences. As a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience, our comprehensive
service offering provides a unique, seamless experience for all of our clients.

Alder & Tweed has offices in Park City, Utah; Big Sky, Montana; and Millerton, New York. Our accomplished design team aims to give our clients a one-of-a-kind design and experience that
focuses on impeccable service from concept to installation. We seek to ensure that every detail is taken care of, and every need, not only met, but surpassed.


With this philosophy, Alder & Tweed has expanded to work with clients across North America and throughout the world. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the Alder
& Tweed experience.


Cate Brown is an interior designer living in Vancouver, Canada and New York City. Having always had a passion for fashion and interior design it was only a matter of time until her love for both fused together. When Cate began to learn of the impacts of the fashion industry on the environment and the incredible amount of textile waste going to landfills each year, she knew change was seriously needed and wanted to be a part of it. Thinking about the designer garments sitting in her own closet-- some even only rarely worn-- and the beautiful details, colors and textures of the fabrics, she thought, "How can I re-purpose these?"

That’s when fashion and interior design collided; from hanger to home. Cate went to see her seamstress and explained the idea. Now having learned about seam-rippers and garment deconstruction, the seed was planted and growing. Suddenly every fabulous vintage garment Cate saw on the NY subway was being designed into toss pillows in her head. Her and her team then began to gather quite a collection of unique vintage and end-cycle garments.

Michael Gilbride Log.png

Born in the United States, Michael’s childhood was split across Latin America, immediately influenced by the bold eclectic color palettes and the integration of the outdoors into the interiors of homes. Living in Brazil, Peru, El Salvador and Columbia he received an incidental education on modern architecture, furniture design and on the refined clean-line.

Michael likes to find potential in space. His passion to live well through design emphasizes elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with function & simplicity. He explores new methods and technologies to relaxing, refined spaces.


Prior to running the studio, Michael was the Executive Director of Fashion and Luxury at the New York Times, overseeing the global cross-functional business. He honed his communication, project management, and problem solving skills at the Times, Conde Nast, New York Magazine, and a few agile technology firms. He is driven to help his clients design the life they want, starting where they live.

Michael graduated from Virginia Tech and completed his education in Interior Architecture at Parsons. He lives in the Hudson Valley, New York with his husband.

Jose Schnaider.jpg
Michael Gilbride Design_ Photo Justin Clynes.jpeg

After being awarded a Master of Architecture degree from New York City’s Parsons School of Design, Daniel Ian Smith, Principal and Founder of Village West Design, continued to hone his residential design skills through national certification for interior design. Now, after 25 years of experience, Daniel leans heavily on his architecture background as the framework for his interior design solutions. As he explains to eager clients: functionality comes first and aesthetics second, and a major cornerstone of his practice being that “good design is therapeutic.” Leading all projects with passion and dedication, warmth and humor, Daniel has created many comfortable homes—and many contented homeowners. 


Always attentive and respectful, Daniel’s creative approach is centered on the individual client, not some cookie-cutter solution. A collaborative process is key to his core philosophy, and he firmly believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a comfortable, well-designed home customized just for them. Savvy homeowners turn to him to discover and articulate their own unique tastes, so that their homes reflect who they are and even who they want to be. 


Daniel was born in Connecticut and is a proud, third generation “Connecti-cutie.” Although, after living his entire adult life in New York he now identifies as a New Yorker at heart. Most recently he moved to the Bay Area, and continues his design business as a bi-coastal affair. 

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WS-logo1 Full.png

From humble beginnings trading colorful bracelets as a symbol of friendship and community to William’s now large-scale works and design collaborations with well known home goods companies, there is one constant: a process-driven fascination with the language of craft and the communities who persevere through their traditions.


Weaving is a “borderline obsession” for William, he says. He received his AAS in Fine Arts from FIT in New York and states. However, “It took one night class on a small table loom to trigger a fixation on weaving and the mathematics and structural side of design and production.” In his second year of undergraduate studies, he was offered a study-exchange scholarship to attend the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, a prominent French design school, where his interest in specialty weaving techniques like passementerie flourished.

William recounts that his early interest in textile and fiber crafts started in the act of making friendship bracelets at summer camp. This early introduction to macramé, the language of sharing a craft, creating community through knotting string and the meditative quality of quietly exploring the world through color and design would prove to be a direct inspiration to his now-successful career as a weaver and designer of textiles for home decoration that are viewed through the lens of fine art. And, even more recently, has been chosen for some high profile product collaborations with home goods giants West Elm, as well as contracted work for Amazon’s new office space. He also has collaborated with Crosby Street Studios on a line of fabrics and has worked for performance textile companies Crypton and Sunbrella.

WS (1).jpg

With over two decades of experience in interior design, Katie leads McCaffrey Design Group with a warm hearted approach and a curatorial eye. Her guiding vision is to design bespoke spaces that truly reflect each client’s individuality and create homes which function beautifully for her clients’ lives. 

Under Katie’s strong leadership, McCaffrey Design Group has developed a reputation of client centric designs that delight with incredibly tailored and unique spaces. Working with a diverse clientele throughout the country, Katie and her team infuse client’s spaces with joy, wit, beauty, and functionality Whether revamping a chic city condo for a tech entrepreneur or working on a cutting edge, ground up winery in Napa for forward thinking oenophiles, Katie delivers her impeccable design with a warm personal touch. 

Prior to launching McCaffrey Design Group, Katie served 14 years as Sr, Designer and Design Director for award winning design firm Martha Angus Inc. She later partnered with Martha Angus forming Angus|McCaffrey Inc before starting McCaffrey Design Group. She also learned the interior design business from the inside out as an expert in fine furniture both designing custom pieces and managing custom furnishings and antique restoration for Rossi Antiques. She earned her BA in Graphic Design while also studying Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and continues to draw inspiration from her time studying painting in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Copy of KatieMcCaffery (1).jpg

HSH Interiors brings to life a timeless sensibility guided by a keen reverence for architecture, and expressed through comfortable spaces grounded in glamour.

Led by creative director Holly Snow Hollenbeck, the studio thoughtfully tailors each project to meet the client's unique needs, while channeling Holly's vision around joie de vivre and a sense of place and people, not an era or style. HSH Interiors' portfolio includes residential and hospitality projects in such desirable locales as historic Alamo Square in San Francisco, Marin, Napa Valley, Jackson Hole, Squaw Valley, Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills.


HSH and Holly have been showcased in California Home + Design, Cottages & Gardens, Luxe Interiors + Design, Marin Magazine, Mansion Global Rue Daily, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Magazine and Wall Street Journal.

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