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Our Services

Media Relations

Our extensive background in both media placement and production has helped us to establish a vast rolodex of contacts that continues to grow and evolve. Our determination to provide a broad spectrum of placement options for our clients drives a constant exploration of new media channels and connections. Since our public relations strategies intertwine with our digital, marketing, creative, and event production services, we’re constantly thinking about how everything we do will impact your brand in the public eye. By taking this 360° approach, we can ensure that every step we take to promote your company fits into the bigger picture.

Strategic Sponsorships and Alliances

Today's business environment demands clarity in strategy development, efficient implementation, and defined partners or alliances. The ability to leverage another business's reputation or resources is crucial whether your business is new, in a growing phase or an respected industry leader. In the interest of efficiency, instantaneous market exposure, or any myriad of reasons, many businesses quickly learn that success is often tied to the opportunity to work with other businesses - we are all in this together. 

Direct to Consumer, B2B Promotions

We base our business to business (B2B) PR and communications strategies on solid insights into our clients’ brands, target audiences and wider markets. We invest time in understanding their vision and objectives, how  best to influence target groups, and the positioning of the competitor landscape.  And because we develop clearly defined PR objectives at the outset that are intrinsically linked to business objectives, we can clearly measure the impact of results and demonstrate a real business benefit. See also social media.   In today's social media driven culture, a distinct platforom of B2B is social media.

Marketing and Collateral Development

The visual materials an organization produces are generally the most impact filled way to quickly carry an organizations message to its end users. This is true in any industry but holds even more gravity in the design world. From names and logos that instantaneously communicate an organizations character to brochures and email campaigns we can assist you in the important aspect of visual and verbal messages. We have helped clients with writing and designing many well conceived collateral material. We are excellent at working with and collaborating with other professionals that have stronger graphic capabilities as our firm and are also good  at being a sounding board on work product as it relates to your brand messaging. 

Event Concept, Planning, and Production

At Andrew Joseph PR, we propose event ideas to our clients and then mediate the function. Andrew is a free thinker who offers new angles for events to make them abstract, yet effective. Each event is organic; nothing is forced upon the client and we make a conscious effort to dispel any worries they might have.  

Social Media

Our experienced team provides strategic management options for a range of brands. We will customize a plan that helps you successfully reach and engage with your audience via social media. We offer consulting as part of a monthly retainer and for a higher fee, we will fully implement social media campaigns. See our REACH Social Media page for more information.


"We went to Andrew looking for good PR, what we found was not only that, but sage advice, a sounding board and a true partner."

Mark Cutler, Mark Cutler Design, Inc.

"Without a doubt, hiring Andrew Joseph PR was the best business decision I’ve made.  Andrew Joseph is not only the hardest working man in PR – he’s also the most connected and well-liked publicist in the interior design world.  In addition to being likeable and easy to work with, he’s people smart, business savvy and a creative thinker.  Going beyond “straight by the book PR” Andrew Joseph approaches each client - however big or small - with equal tenacity analyzing your business and suggesting out of the box ways his unique positioning as a maven in the design world could help elevate your brand profile.  He doesn’t work for you – but with you - as your PR partner.  I can’t imagine running my business without him as a member of a my team."


Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva & Co

"We have been consistently impressed and surprised by just how far and wide Andrew's reach extends, especially as it pertains to the design industry. Through his vast network of connections, we have gotten coverage in places we wouldn't have expected; received new business leads; and been introduced to important industry connections in a meaningful and personal way. He is eternally optimistic and knows no road blocks. The AJPR team is a delight to work with. "

Elizabeth Ralls, Editor in Chief, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine

"Andrew remains calm under pressure and in the face of delicate PR moments. He is quick to grasp and move on complex synergies in our business. He marches on optimistically when challenged with difficulties. Our work together is a collaboration and he is able to evolve as our business evolves. I get the sense of his deep passion for what he does every time I am with him and I have never met anyone so consistently enthusiastic. He is tireless.

 In short, I LOVE working with Andrew. He is incredibly effective and a wonderful human being. I recommend him without reservation."


Melissa Mittag, US Sales Marketing Director Fromental

"After fourteen years in the business of Interior Design my firm was seeking a PR professional for several years. I was introduced to Andrew Joseph through a mutual colleague and knew the fit was perfect. Andrew Joseph PR has an extensive knowledge of the design industry and an enthusiasm that translates to success for his clients. I have referred Andrew Joseph PR to other Design professionals that have now employed him and are equally as happy. It is without a doubt that we have grown as a company due to his efforts in representing us."


Suzanne Costa, Suzanne Costa Interiors & Board of Directors of The Ronald McDonald House (Long Island)

“Andrew and his team have been supporters of my work and passions for years. Andrew’s incredible generosity of spirit, combined with his boundless energy and joy, make him a real delight to work with, and his personalized, mindful approach works perfectly with his many contacts and reveals a clear understanding of international brands.”


Clodagh, Clodagh Design

"I had my eye on Andrew Joseph for quite a while before he ventured out on his own and am proud to be among his very first clients.

Andrew's enthusiasm combined with a seemingly endless roster of connections throughout the Home Furnishings and Interior Design worlds have paved the way to many of the great relationships my company, Alan Tanksley Inc., enjoys today.

As his business expands, Andrew has been carefully building a capable and highly motivated team to serve his clients.

I'm pleased to offer these thoughts about Andrew's work and welcome anyone who'd like to know more to contact me directly."


Alan Tanksley, Alan Tanksley Inc.

"Andrew Joseph PR has been our most valuable tool for getting the word out. He and his staff work tirelessly, but most important, they get the job done. We have increased our visibility with Andrews help and he has been a great ally to our business."


David Dalton, David Dalton Inc.

"Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles began working with AJPR more than a year ago to help us launch and promote our  Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens—an assignment that Andrew and his team embraced with a passion and verve that celebrated our brand on a national scale. The AJPR team simply over-delivered beyond our wildest expectations. Going forward, we can't imagine our important promotional decisions not involving their creativity and enthusiasm."

Gina Christman, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine

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